Summons Of Shining Ruins – Shiho EP / Resting Bell

Long, subtle progression drone music might not be everyone’s cup of tea. As it happens, it is mine.

I spend a lot of my late evenings, in that end of the day haze, listening to music such as this. It welcomes you gently in. It warms you, brings you back from the brink, and serves as a welcome distraction from the working day. For others it’s annoying, strange, abstract and generally seems to be a marmite thing.

Nevertheless, the latest release from Berlin based netlabel Resting Bell is finding a captive listener in me. Presented are four tracks from Shinobu Nemoto, a Japanese artist based in Fujisawa.

Recording as Summons Of Shining Ruins; Shiho is, as with his other drone work, produced with only an electric guitar and feedback device. The result is a deeper symbiosis between the equipment. Keeping the setup intentionally simple really allows Nemoto to strike a wonderful balance as the sound is meticulously crafted. and evolves with a very natural feel.

I do not use a PC (DAW) for recording. My sound vibration is POST-BINARY/PC in all.

He describes his alias as being: [this] is my guitar solo by old memory. He also produces works as Dark Side Of The Audio System: an experiment with a broken recorder and tape loops. Under his own name he records the improvisation of his guitar together with field recordings.

You can experience examples of his other work through his moufu-rokuon label.

Summons Of Shining Ruins – Shiho

Summons Of Shining Ruins – Numazu
Summons Of Shining Ruins – Iwanuma
Summons Of Shining Ruins – Fujisawa
Summons Of Shining Ruins – Nikaido


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