Scanner – Floral Derrangement

The 2nd of two Scanner posts in as many weeks (the first can be found here). Some might say we like him, others might say we’ve taken to checking his SoundCloud a bit more regularly. Whatever’s said, what’s important is that Floral Derrangement, a 19 minute piece that he’s sharing with us, is delicately beautiful.

Floral Derrangement was a public sound installation created specifically for Durham International BRASS 2011. Sound artist Scanner took inspiration from a recording of the popular piece of music ‘The Floral Dance’, recorded by Brighouse and Rastrick Band in 1977. He re-recorded, processed and stretchedthe tune to 130 times its original length, adding and playing new brass lines.

This languid, epic piece of music created harmonies that were stretched beyond comprehension with ethereal oceanic effect.

‘Floral Derrangement’ was presented on the award-winning ARUP designed Kingsgate footbridge, the last bridge Ove Arup designed himself. Completed in 1963, Arup considered this bridge to be his finest work. Kingsgate stands as a striking example of Ove Arup’s vision for ‘total design’ – the seamless integration of engineering and architecture.

The work was produced in collaboration with Sound and Music

It’s also worth mentioning that you can now grab Scanner’s latest album: You Can’t Get There From Here, a collaborative album with American musician David Rothenberg.


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