Bass Kittens – Neither Living Nor Dead

It was indeed only quite recently that I posted the latest EP offering from the Bass Kittens aka Jon Drukman but I felt this warranted a mention so here we are.

Whilst it’s less heavy on the mutant bass compared to it’s predecessor; Click Death it’s no less intricate on the sound programming. Offered on a pay what you want model being technically a free download if you so choose. Although a donation is encouraged.

Nine tracks are presented, ranging from the more dancefloor friendly affairs of Several Uses For Rayon and Brief Thoughts Of Home to work more suited to headphones and a comfy seat such as The Dank. No album artwork as far as I can tell.

Bass Kittens – Neither Living Nor Dead

Bass Kittens – A Cell In Decay
Bass Kittens – Power
Bass Kittens – Several Uses For Rayon
Bass Kittens – Vapor And Hammer
Bass Kittens – Brief Thoughts Of Home
Bass Kittens – The Dank
Bass Kittens – Sleep 1
Bass Kittens – Sleep 2
Bass Kittens – Sleep 3


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