Posthuman – Nebula EP on Acroplane

Dropping mid April comes Posthuman‘s inaugural release for that fine Belfast digital imprint Acroplane Recordings.

Cousins Richard Bevan and Joshu Doherty deliver five tracks of electro fuelled electronica served with a healthy dose of acid on tracks Synapses, Tessier Ashpool and Marrus Environ. Genetic Coders and Nebula are deeper and darker works; downbeat clinical synth work and twinkling stepbeats. Bleak perhaps but wonderful to listen to.

Together with a remix EP, also on Acroplane, lined up for a mid May outing, the duo are pushing all the right buttons.

Speaking of remixes; Datassette, Nightwave and The Host (rumours abound they are one of Planet Mu’s latest and upcoming signings) have so far been announced as providing their re-interpretations of Posthuman’s original work.


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