Barry Forbes stole my BMX by hanal

The mighty hanal has a new mix, titled with the somewhat bold claim that none other than Barry Forbes stole his BMX. When this happened I don’t know, who Barry Forbes is, I have no idea, and as to whether Barry Forbes is dangerous, that, also, I don’t know.

What I do know is hanal’s selection for this mix is of his usual electro heavy quality, containing as it does tracks from Kraftwerk, Dabrye, Jega, Harmonic 313, Posthuman and the Black Dog.


Harmonic 313 – Problem 1
Computer Jay – Epipany
Sparky D – Never Ran, Never Will
Awesome Foursome – Monster Beat (dub)
Tal M.Klein & Anthony Mansfield – Ciento Ocho
Trickski – Sunbeams
Dabrye – Walk
Kraftwerk – The Robots
Jega – Oak Hanger
Russ Gabriel Presents Audio Spectrum – Alligator Voodoo
The Black Dog – Virtual
Kraftwerk – Computer World
Kraftwerk – Numbers
unknown – Acid Trax (remix)
Posthuman – Lander
DJ Wasp – Amenyall
Dark Energy – Destination Unknown


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