Posthuman – Future Music Session #2

I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Firstly this is the archive of Posthuman’s 2nd show on Future Music, their first can be found here together with some background on them and the show. Secondly it’s 2 hours of some quality picks by Joshu; the 50% of Posthuman responsible for the show and this week he dishes out a fair old helping of techno.

A full tracklist is provided. If you like what we do at Mantis Radio, you’ll like this one too.

Posthuman – Future Music Session #2

Old Arc – Sleepcatcher
Luis Ruiz – Children of the Gods
NHkyx – Down Set
Blawan – Lavender
Doctor Trash – Toxic Hell
A Guy Called Gerald – Nasty
A Guy Called Gerald – Downstroke
Extrawelt – Wasteland
Agaric + Walker – Chase’s Dream
Greenmoney – Who’s Greenmoney?
Stephen Brown – Nedds Fixed
Dijj – Fin_droon
Orson Bramley – Inverted Snobbery
Oscar Mulero – Like A Wolf
Steve Stoll – FBP (Luis Ruiz Remix)
Scape One – Time Falls (Dynarec remix)
A1 Bassline – Falsehood
Autechre – Vose In
The Other People Place – Eye Contact
The Martian – Prayer Stick
Dopplereffekt – Satellites
Cursor Miner – King is a Killer


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