A Graham O’Sullivan electro mix (2000)

Takeover Recordings boss thatboytim got in touch with Darkfloor highlighting Graham O’Sullivan’s mix, From The Abyss To The ‘D’, recorded back in 2000.

A mix unearthed by Mike Falvey’s Motor City Electronica blogspot featuring a killer selection of Detroit and Detroit influenced electro.

Graham O’Sullivan worked in many record shops in Dublin, helped set up D1 Record’s distribution wing Dublin distribution, and was a resident at Rubadub Records of Glasgow’s legendary 69 events in Paisley.


Ultradyne – Iron Age [Sabotage Recordings]
Simulant – Knife Edge [Scopex]
Simulant – Spectre [Scopex]
Simulant – Access Future Audio [Scopex]
Simulant – Wav. Form [Scopex]
Electronome  – Influence [Interr-Ference Communications]
Airlocktronics – Imperative (A1) [Airlock]
Ultradyne – Crimson Dynamo [Warp Records]
Japanese Telecom – Character Maps [Intuit-Solar]
Renegades Of Rhythm – Regeneration (Full Mix) [North End Recordings]
Airlocktronics – Consecutive (A1) [Airlock]
Panash – Seasonally Affected [Spiky Records]
Le Car – Cinematic-automatic (Heinrich Muller remix) [Intuit-Solar]
D.E.O. – W.C.F.D. [Hydraulic Records]
DJ Marquis – This Is Now [Upstart]
DJ Marquis – The Party (Y2K Mix) [Upstart]
Drexciya – Intro: Temple Of Dos De Aqua [Tresor]


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