A Graham O’Sullivan electro mix (2000)

by on October 07, 2014 in Mixes

Takeover Recordings boss thatboytim got in touch with Darkfloor highlighting Graham O’Sullivan’s mix, From The Abyss To The ‘D’, recorded back in 2000.

A mix unearthed by Mike Falvey’s Motor City Electronica blogspot featuring a killer selection of Detroit and Detroit influenced electro.

Graham O’Sullivan worked in many record shops in Dublin, helped set up D1 Record’s distribution wing Dublin distribution, and was a resident at Rubadub Records of Glasgow’s legendary 69 events in Paisley.


Ultradyne – Iron Age [Sabotage Recordings]
Simulant – Knife Edge [Scopex]
Simulant – Spectre [Scopex]
Simulant – Access Future Audio [Scopex]
Simulant – Wav. Form [Scopex]
Electronome  – Influence [Interr-Ference Communications]
Airlocktronics – Imperative (A1) [Airlock]
Ultradyne – Crimson Dynamo [Warp Records]
Japanese Telecom – Character Maps [Intuit-Solar]
Renegades Of Rhythm – Regeneration (Full Mix) [North End Recordings]
Airlocktronics – Consecutive (A1) [Airlock]
Panash – Seasonally Affected [Spiky Records]
Le Car – Cinematic-automatic (Heinrich Muller remix) [Intuit-Solar]
D.E.O. – W.C.F.D. [Hydraulic Records]
DJ Marquis – This Is Now [Upstart]
DJ Marquis – The Party (Y2K Mix) [Upstart]
Drexciya – Intro: Temple Of Dos De Aqua [Tresor]