Mantis presents / Stormfield – Live at Plex

Following quickly behind the last Mantis presentss (with C. Mantle – Live at Plex), for our 14th presented mix we go back to Plex and pick up Stormfield‘s set. Recorded at the following Plex event in South London’s Corsica Studios on October 30th.

Stormfield was the first showcased artist on the Mantis Radio show and this is his second mix on the presents: series. Killer mix this.

Mantis presents / Stormfield – Live at Plex
Download / Stream
King Cannibal feat Daddy Freddy – Dirt
Milanese – Sadako
Gunjack – Charlton dub
2nd Gen – And/Or (Si Begg remix)
Gunjack – Charlton dub
Scorn – Gravel Bed (Noiz remix)
Si Begg – Revolution (G Bass dub)
Sinistra – ? (Gunjack  dub)
Anstam – Aeto
DeadSound – Faith
Smear – Litho
Black Dog – ? – Surgeon remix
Oscar Mulero – 7 types of Sin
MRK 1 – Grit
Gunjack – Diablo (Noiz remix)
Wavemother – Marathon
Noiz – Slashback
Monster X – Predator remix
Ad Vanz – Viral (Gescom mix)
Scorn – Gravel Bed (Zan Lyons remix)

Recorded live at Plex, Corsica Studios, London. Oct 30th 2009


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