Spookhouse – Animal Totems

Something to get the blood flowing this one.

Monday mornings are a struggle at the best of times; you’ve had a great weekend, late nights, lazing around or partying hard. Either way that first morning back in the office can be a bitch. So being that as it is an electro breaks mix such as Spookhouse‘s Animal Totems has enough kicking frequencies to supplement that caffeine buzz you’re rolling on.

Featuring some old gold from the likes of Mad-Tek, Deadman DJ, Galaxian, Buckfunk 3000, Aphex Twin and Tipper together with support from the fresher sounds of Patscan’s latest, Swarm Intelligence, Com Truise, and Lukes Anger.

If you getting into this mixes vibe you should check out his monster session for Mantis Radio, recorded back in April this year.

Spookhouse – Animal Totems

Mad Tek – Dread
Patscan – Bad Machines (Dan Fix remix)
Mad Tek – Fix (VIP)
Si Begg – The Tyranny of Pesto (Deadman DJs Death Grip remix)
Galaxian – Pancake Wednesday
Tag Team – Whoomp (Malpractice remix)
Randomoidz – Raggage Baggage
Aphex Twin – Windowlicker (DubLicker Under the Counter mix)
Tipper – Squiggle
TSR – Marcomix (Jacob London remix)
Buckfunk 3000 – High Volume (Future Funk Squad remix)
DJ Kool meets Crooklyn Clan – Here We Go Now (Magnum Force remix)
Lukes Anger – Dirty On The Floor
Swarm Intelligence – Fighting Talk
Com Truise – Polyhurt


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