Vacated’s techno show wehavevacated returns

It was July 2013 and Rich Vacated recorded his first fortnightly radio show – wehavevacated – for futuremusic FM. It’s aired on the 21st of the month and began a run of shows that lasted another 43 transmissions. Broadcasting his last show in April 2015. All of his shows are available to stream on SoundCloud.

Often with creative pursuits, life can get in the way. Priorities change. And that’s what happened with wehavevacated (and a few years later in December 2018, futuremusic FM went the same way).

But, last week Vacated returned to his 2 hour transmission – this time as a straight upload to his SoundCloud and Mixcloud. Showcasing some of the best and current techno out there at the moment. I think I speak for many listeners of his show, it’s great to have his selections and dulcet Essex tones back in our ears.

Welcome to the new decade… it’s been nearly 5 years since my dulcet Essex tones graced a radio/podcast show, so to celebrate I thought it’d be good to return to where I left off. Expect your usual mix of stomping techno, some new and upfront, and some of the best from the past month or so.

… wehavevacated also seems the most apt it’s ever been, today. Fuck Brexit.

Uun – Cenotaph [Modularz]
Another Machines – Corrupt [Kloster]
Dark Quadrant – Ecliptic Traces [Dark Forest]
Eissel & Osccult – Sand Bath [Planet Rhythm]
Anthony Linell – Crystal Storms [Northern Electronics]
Inox Traxx – Sound Effects [Overbalance]
Sunil Sharpe – Ukkin [BPitch]
Temudo – Cell Phones [Soma]
Kirk Degiorgio – Redeemer [Suara]
Duellist – Hereditary (Swarm Intelligence Remix) [Folgsamkeitfaktor]
667 Fatal – Low Tension [Black Raven]
VSK – I Fantasmi A Volte Sanguinaro [Mord]
Scalameriya – Tainted Voltage [47]
Seleccion Natural – Moving Forward [Polegroup]
Varg2™ – Parasites (Honest Music for Dishonest People) ft. G19 (VTSS Remix) [Northern Electronics]
Kucera – Ashai [Gobsmacked]
Rowka – Clatter [Gobsmacked]
PWCCA – Der Koch [Inducted Waves]
Endlec – I Am Paranoid [Eternal Damnation]
Ghost In the Machine – Beep Impact [Perc Trax]
Opal – The Dominator [Voxnox]
Adrian Adonis – As Above []
Ansome – Hell for Leather [Perc Trax]
New Frames – Frost [R]
CYNKT – The Evolution Of Evil [Theabove]
KRTM – Sapien [Arts]
Endlec – Use for Punishment [HEX]
Exilles – CPU Haters (Original Mix) [C O U P]
Dax J – Zephyr [Monnom Black]
AND – Move Your Body [AND]


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