Glover – 2wo’s up / a Warehouse promo mix

Data Trace’s Glover turns in a warehouse style promo mix for an upcoming Warehouse party. That worked out nice then.

Glover –

Loads of good stuff in there (well I reckon so anyway). Warm and housey to tough and techy, some classic Chicago acid, a splash of South East London grime and a whole load of electro, and I mean real electro.

Glover – 2wo’s up / a Warehouse promo mix

Claro Intelecto – Hunter Rocket
Luke Vibert – I Love Acid
Cynthia Stern – Follow The Leader (Smashback Remix)
Sync 24 – We Rock Non-Stop
Aux 88 – Electro Musik
Aardvark – Two
Point B – Detritus
Debasser – Simple Beat
Ed Chamberlain – Gutz
Ebola – Skull Pressure
Terror Danjah – Planet Shock
Lowfish – Wahawa
Adonis – No Way Back
DJ Seduction – Smile Bass
ScanOne – Sub Prime
The Sickness of Dirty Hospital – Harlem Heat
Untold – No One Likes A Smart Arse
Radial – Kick Drum Light
Silicon – Mad
65D Mavericks – Wire Tap

Glover - 2wo's up (Warehouse Promo mix)


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