Ben Gibson – CLFT0040

The London producer Ben Gibson serves up an hour of cold, desolate techno with an edge of industrial glimmer. Shouldn’t really come as any surprise our posting of CLFT0040 then should it.

I haven’t really been following the work of Gibson since his 2009, Perc Trax released, In a Realized Luck Of Immanence album. Though I didn’t hear it until the following year. And that’s nothing against the album which is a fine longplayer of stripped to the basics drone doused dark techno, indeed some described it at the time as Auschwitz techno; reinforcing the bleak and desolate landscape it summons up.

Simply, since I listened I’ve been distracted by other music. I’m confident that in your mind as you read this you shouldn’t be expecting uplifting melody sections, catchy hooks and bubblegum pop motifs. If you are then you’re in the wrong place.

So in part this is a re-introduction or refresher into the sound and style of Gibson, and it features two recent-ish cuts of his from January’s More Than Milk on Milan’s M_REC LTD.

CLFT0040 contains Samuli Kemppi’s remix of Implex and the original version of Florentine. Also featured is work from William Bennett’s awesome Cut Hands, Manchester’s Casual Violence, Orphx, Sandwell District, RRose, Surgeon, Voidloss, Monolake, Mala, Grovskopa, Robert Hood and sleeparchive.

Ben Gibson – CLFT0040

Cut Hands – Rain Washes Away Everything [Very Friendly]
Casual Violence – Borne [Biomechanics]
Orphx – Cracktest [Sonic Groove]
Kalon – Man is the Superior Animal [Sandwell District]
Ill Blu – Bellion [Hyperdub]
Ben Gibson – Implex (Samulli Kempi Remix) [M_REC Ltd]
Rrose – Pointilism (Variation One) [Sandwell District]
Surgeon – The Crawling Frog is Torn and Smiles [Dynamic Tension]
Voidloss – Dominion [Singularity]
Monolake – Titan [Imbalance Computer Music]
Jeroen Search – Section One [Sect]
Mala – New Life Baby Paris [Deep Medi Musik]
James Ruskin – Sabre [Blueprint]
Sleeparchive – Hospital 2 [Sleeparchive]
Ben Gibson – Florentine [M_REC Ltd]
Oscar Mulero – Like I’ve Been Here Before [Warm Up]
Robert Hood – The Family [M-Plant]
Grovskopa – Atopic (Lag Remix) [Sect]
Terrence Parker – Love’s Got Me High [Seventh Sign]
Actress – Green Gal [Werk Discs]


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