Broken Note’s Equinox mix

Broken Note. Seriously heavy speaker workout sound.

Their album Terminal Static is still in my record bag (and my iPod) where it will remain for a long time to come yet. I noticed this mix (hosted and released via the Amon Tobin site) whilst perusing Facebook this morning, procrastinating prior to getting going in the office.

As anyone who has heard Broken Note from listening to the Mantis Radio shows or hearing me DJ, these guys make big, heavy, bass sickness.

Broken Note – Equinox

Pan Volf – Poison (Broken Note redit)
Broken Note – Flood
Broken Note – Crux
Broken Note – War In The Making
Broken Note – Let Em Hang
Broken Note – Zealot
DMinds – t-10 (Chasing Shadows remix)
Broken Note – Zound
Broken Note vs Machine Code – Knuckle Dust
Broken Note – Bad Acid
Broken Note – Meltdown
DJ Hidden & Cooh – Sleepwalkers
Broken Note – Channel Zero

Raised on a diet of pure filth, Broken Note have dragged their own unique sound kicking and screaming into the electronic music scene. Combining lean, considered production skills with an appreciation of diverse rough beats, Broken Note have quickly established themselves as a sonic force to be reckoned with.

Broken Note have quickly racked up several critically-acclaimed releases over the past two years on such established and well-praised labels as Ad Noiseam, Ruff (Peace Off’s slow and nasty sister), Damage, Prspct & Sustained.  Fall 2009 saw the release the retrospective Terminal Static on Ad Noiseam, with remixes by notable producers such as Hecq and I Am The Sun (Enduser and Casey Beagle). They are regularly featured in DJ sets and radio shows worldwide, counting tastemakers like Mary-Anne Hobbs and Rob Booth as supporters and fans. Along with a busy production schedule, Broken Note were featured prominently at festival gigs throughout 2009, with a headline sets on the Overkill stage at world-leading Glade Electronic Music Festival,  Maschinenfest Industrial Festival, and various tours throughout Europe, North America, Scandinavia & Japan.

Their slower-tempo sound can loosely be described as Dubstep, but has little in common with much of the scene’s output. Instead they draw from the Sino-Rastafarian sound and heavy bass, combined with more of the kind of dark and aggressive beats that can be found in Breakcore and Jungle. Their Drum’n’Bass output is similarly disturbingly brutal, with undulating beats and bass that are unashamed to draw from the darker, edgier fringes of Gabber and Techno. Dancefloors worldwide have been set alight by the astonishing heaviness, inducing hallucinations of a dark and tech-saturated future.

Broken Note’s live sets use Ableton Live at the core alongside various midi controllers and FX sculpted by on-the-fly warping, cueing and live key work,  intermingling many of their own tunes with edits of music created by the artists they draw inspiration from. Expect a mash-up of everything from dark Dubstep and Hardtekno, to the most evil D’n’B and Hardcore for a sonic experience that’s diverse and engaging.

You best believe Broken Note is that dark spreading tide set to further corrupt ears around the world. Get ready for it.


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