Jay Grogan and ‘A Journey to Gliese 581’

Jay Grogan blends, programmes and twists into your headspace this crafty mix of some great space themed sounding techno. Highly reminiscent of the mighty wizard Jeff Mills at his finest and most sci-fi. Indeed, Jay commented on his own mix with the following

Read a news article recently about Gliese 581 and one of its planets being in the habitable zone and thought it was very interesting. Wanted to try something similar to a recent Mills set I heard with a similar space like theme so with that in mind I thought I’d take a journey to 581.

Can’t recommend this one highly enough, packed as it is with the likes of Delta Funktionen, The Black Dog, Ruskin, Female, Planetary Assault Systems, and Mills himself. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of hearing Polynomial-C by Aphex Twin, it is a wonderful piece of sound art.

Jay Grogan – A Journey to Gliese 581
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AU – Trilogy
Delta Funktionen – Please Identify
Jeff Mills – B2 Untitled (SITS002)
Terrence Dixon – Room 310
Surgeon Meets Vice – The Point
Planetary Assault Systems – GT (P.A.S. Rhythm & Beats 1)
Tadeo – Paráfrasis De Discontinuidad
O/V/R – Descending The Left Corner
Orphx – Axial
The Black Dog – Northern Electronic Soul (Claro Intelecto Snake Pass Mix)
Ocular – Movin’ Along
Systemic/Michaelangelo – Horologium Dwarf
James Ruskin – Solex
James Ruskin – Transfer
O/V/R – Post Traumatic Son
Female – In Valencia
Jeff Mills – Cobalt
Trax-X – Vector Two
DJ T-1000 – Semi-Destroyed
Sub Space – Epices & Coccinelles
Pacou – Life Disintegrating
Or – In Memory of Dario
Inigo Kennedy – Amelioration (Part Two)
Stak Etop – 18 Lux Plankton
Steve Stoll – My Shadow
Aphex Twin – Polynomial-C


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