FRONT024’s Dead TV Society Special

Here at Darkfloor HQ we’re not really in the habit of posting up other radio show archives, being as, well, we have our own home show Mantis Radio and the recently started bangwagon broadcasts.

We’re not, however, adverse to posting up quality mixes which are taken from shows where we feel they need more exposure and/or are minimal if indeed, silent on the microphone action. So it is with that in mind that I post up this recent archive for FRONT024, a weekly show on Intergalactic FM curated by the folks behind the Noxgenus collective/label. The label is headed up by Zwart Licht Kommando, who regular Mantis listeners will recall provided us with a guest mix, back on the 45th show in August 2009.

Sit back and relax for this 2 hour deep trip into ambient electronica from the Dead TV Society complete with Aphex Twin, Global Communication, Steve Roach, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Biosphere and Harold Budd murking around the broadcast. The selection of sound presented is sublime, really lush late night vibes soothing through.

FRONT024 – Dead TV Society Special
Interloper – Epicycle
David Helpling – Loss Of Words
Maitreya – We Are Linked
Terre Thaemlitz – M
Aphex Twin – Tha
Tor Lundvall – Platform 3
Porcupine Tree – Phase IV
Spacecraft – Domes of Light
Banco de Gaia – Souffie (HIA remix)
Oophoi – Isidis
Steve Roach – Magnificent Gallery
Carbon Based Lifeforms – Gryning
Global Communication – 8 07
Higher Intelligence Agency & Biosphere – Corona
John Serrie – And The Stars Go With You
Radio Massacre International – Small Frozen North
Harold Budd & Brian Eno – A Stream With Bright Fish
Jon Hopkins – Vessel
Carbon Based Lifeforms – Hydrophonic Garden
Biosphere – Hyperborea


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