Cordell Klier – Going Forth by Day on Cyclene

Shouts going out to Filipe Cruz, label manager of the varied and prolific netlabel Enough Records for highlighting this release (check out their label show on Mantis Radio 030). I’ve had it on repeat for the past week or so. It’s a captivating listen and highly recommended.

Gentle. Deep. Freeing. The masterful qualities shed the old growth of their evocative skins like flowers of frequency. Dropping pedals to nurture the tender foreground of an ever-awakening hopeful landscape. Post digital sputtering ala the late 90’s glitch movement, mixed with an ambient attitude, interwoven into a tapestry of cosmic ease and passive conventional comfort. Cordell Klier shines as usual with this breezy spring-inspired document.


Cordell Klier – Whim
Cordell Klier – Spor
Cordell Klier – Captivated
Cordell Klier – Soft
Cordell Klier – Reflect
Cordell Klier – Heppa
Cordell Klier – Passive
Cordell Klier – Calc
Cordell Klier – Wine Stems
Cordell Klier – Phone Call
Cordell Klier – Library Sex
Cordell Klier – Return

Released on Cyclene CYC-026 / Cordell Klier


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