Tyler Smith – The Clockmaker

French producer Tyler Smith has decided to re-release his 2007 EP The Clockmaker (originally on Plex Records) and who am I to argue. Bravo that man, because it’s rather good as it happens. Stand out track for me has to be Life Is Such A Fragile Thing. It’s driving, melodic and one of “those” tunes to finish a serious workout on the dancefloor with. The other three tracks are well produced and solid techno tracks leaning ever so slightly to a more electronica vibe, ever so slight thou.

Our guy makes original Detroit complexion music. A strong and dark techno but deep and melancholic too. When listening to these four titles Tyler conducts us for a walk through the streets of a tentacular megalopolis. Neon’s intermittent flashes light the scene with far in the background a groovy and heavy rhythm.”


Tyler Smith – Slide
Tyler Smith – The Arrival
Tyler Smith – The Clockmaking Factory
Tyler Smith – Life is Such A Fragile Thing


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