numbercult – prototypes

The mysterious and in the grand tradition of techno lore, anonymous collective numbercult have made their January release prototypes freely available. Whilst we’ve been fans of the early numbercult releases, this one slipped by us so it was a pleasant find in this mornings inbox.

Seven tracks of deep, trippy bleeps flow from the machines. Both retro and future sounding as some of the classic techno tracks can and do sound; timeless. Also included is a 32 minute nano mix.

Some of the tracks are straight down Mills/Hood/Axis and indeed Detroit type cuts whilst others like prototype-O have synth flourishes that Kraftwerk would be proud off. This Glasgow based producer/s and label require your attention, they’ve got mine. prototype-P is just lethally sharp precision.

Whilst you’re checking out prototypes, the Dance floor classics EP released back in May should also get some airtime with your head. And if vinyl is you thing, you’ll need to be quick as just 8 (at the time of writing this article) of EP; numbercult 3 are available. (Splinters is our pick on that one).

Sure some of you might read this and think, do we need any more copycat style production work of classically deep electro infused techno, well no we don’t but I’d argue this isn’t copycat; this is skilled and superbly high grade material that stands just as tall if not taller than some of those ‘classics’. Recommended.

numbercult – prototypes

numbercult – prototype-B
numbercult – prototype-G
numbercult – prototype-O
numbercult – prototype-P
numbercult – prototype-R
numbercult – prototype-U
numbercult – prototype-Y
numbercult – prototypes (nano mix)

numbercult was launched in 2009 as an anonymous project to explore the idea of identity, inspired by the neoist art movement. Distinct music personalities or ‘heteronyms’ were developed to give the impression of many artists operating under one banner, the mantra ‘many voices one mind’ a subtle clue to the true nature of the project.


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