Blackmass Plastics has a new EP out – The Fried Synapse

Released today, with no warning, is a new EP from the mighty Blackmass Plastics on his own Thorn Industries. The Fried Synapse is four slabs of hard bass and techno with an electro’d feel – Blackmass weaponry, make no mistake.

Opening up the flood gate – Grim Roll. A techno, almost EBM thudder with that persistent bass synth and a dash of acid like drips. Actually this is a pretty minimal track for Blackmass – no big drop/bass payoff – this just heads down thud with intend. He follows it with Behelit which continues in the techno feel with gabba-lite kicks and distorted crunch, along the lines of something the Welsh brothers Somatic Responses would construct. No Serum is equally in that gabba kick realm but with more movement from those hats and woodblock – this one feels like a proper hardware jam. Raw and very rough round the edges – like the old days. I need a large PA, a warehouse on a field, and the weekend.

Final of the four comes in the shape of UVB76 – which is the most broken in feel of the EP – almost bouncy in fact. It’s still got that raw hardware feel which can be said of all the tracks.

The distorted bleeps are out in force on The Fried Synapse.


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