Northumbria’s ‘Black Sea of Trees’

Canadian ambient metal? Go on then.

I can’t quite remember how I first came across this duo. Pretty sure last week someone mentioned their work on those internet tubes, in a passing comment or tweet. Nevertheless I’m very thankful to whoever gave me the nod, even if I can’t remember.

Northumbria are a Toronto based duo, founded in 2011, who operate in the bleak drone of ambient metal. Both members, Jim Field and Dorian Williamson, are former members of a band called Holoscene; an avant garde instrumental band also based in the Canadian city.

The duo are looking to release their debut album later this year on TQA Records. It will be available on vinyl if you were wondering. Their sound is just guitar and bass mega-amplified recorded live. The result is a wall of desolate and to these ears at least; heart-warming drone. Until their album is released you’ll be happy to know that there is a few of their recordings online with Black Sea of Trees being available as a free download, all 13 minutes of it. There are also a couple more tracks you can grab from their SoundCloud profile.

No date on their album release, other than this summer.


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