Herd – Duck Eye Calm

Here’s a mix from the producer/sound designer Herd. Otherwise known as Jason Thomson, Herd is based in Corby, England and produces some truly fantastic sound released through several labels as the ongoing Tangent series. From what I understand he’s working towards a 2CD sized package of tangents which when I know more information about will post here as well.

This, his Duck Eye Calm is a sound scape heavy, IDM style mix he produced over a year ago now. Graciously providing a tracklist upon my request so that I could post it up here for you lot.

Featuring some of his own work alongside that of The Future Sound of London, The Black Dog, Richard Devine, Luke Vibert, the Orb, Hybrid, L.E.A.K. and even the Prodigy.

Sit back, turn off, relax and enjoy.

Herd – Duck Eye Calm

Herd – Tangent 38
FSOL – Eggshell
The Black Dog – Trojan Horus Part 1
Herd – Tangent 34
Peter Namlook/Tetsu Inoue – Orion Transfer V / Murcof – Rostro
Richard Devine – Let Mendax
L.E.A.K – The Old Teahouse
The Prodigy – Weather Experience
Luke Vibert – Ambalek
FSOL – the Teeth of the Wind
Abigail Mead – Sniper
The Orb –Shem
Hybrid – Last Man Standing
Excerpts from the film “the Cell”
Herd – Untitled track
The Orb –Shem
Meam – Frequent and Vigorous
Meam – The Thermos Woman
Collective Recycle – Mr Khob Cobain
Kait Gray – Nails In the Wall
Herd – Tangent 19

with some excerpts from Quinoline Yellow, EAR, Chris Cunningham – Flex, and Robert Normandeaux – Eclats de Voix.


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