Ion Driver – Seattle Mix / BRAWLcast

One of our favourite American electronica producers Ion Driver steps up to deliver the 43rd in the ongoing series of BRAWLcast mixes.

Resplendent as always with his deep selection of subterraneous electro and emotive rich glitch Dennis Bunton aka Ion Driver delivers a selection of sound featuring plenty of faves here at darkfloorHQ.

KiloWatts, Kawatin, Lifecycle, Uberzone, AMB, Joby (who delivered a great session for the 42nd BRAWLcast), Gyu, AMB, DST, HecQ together with some of his own work including Connection and a new track Electromagnetism all feature.

Ion Driver – Seattle Mix

KiloWatts – Speed of Time [Thoughtless Music]
Kawatin – Plate Tectonics [Glack Audio]
Lifecycle – Miracle Cure (Kawatin remix 2)
Ion Driver – Elemental [Digital Distortions]
SQL vs Mol – Frogs and Toads (Miles Dyson Breakfast Makeover) [Plasmapool]
Uberzone – Bunk Pitc [Gizmonik]
Ion Driver – Less Begin [Digital Distortions]
Ion Driver – Connection [Ricochet]
BSD – Life (You and Me) [Mental Machine Muzik]
Ion Driver – Revolution (Lifecycle remix) [Ricochet]
Asset – Peak Limiter (Ion Driver remix) [Digital Distortions]
Ion Driver – Forward
HecQ – Steeltongued (Si Begg remix) [Hymen]
Sclist – Freaks [Urban Scrumping]
Gyu vs Sclist – Stab
Joby – Fortune Seller
AMB – Rust [Chi Recordings]
Kawatin – Being and Becoming
Kawatin – Bird Guide [N.B.G.]
Ion Driver – Electromagnetism
DST – We Are Robots [Chi Recordings]
Habersham – Dune In Erf Minor [Hunya Munya]


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