Bombardier, live in Ann Arbor 03.10.2015

No stranger to Darkfloor (having guested on Mantis Radio show twice), Jason ‘Bombardier‘ Snell continues to captivate our ears with his beautiful/brutal industrial technoid, synth and electronica waves. Earlier this month he performed at Far House in Ann Arbor, Michigan, here’s that performance.

For an insight into Snell’s process, touring, background and production techniques check out his recent interview with Detroit Industrial.

Bombardier, live in Ann Arbor 03.10.2015

Bombardier – Evacuation (5 Mile
Bombardier – A Vision of Things to Come
Bombardier – Day Before the End
Bombardier – Demo & Blight
Bombardier – Casteljau
Bombardier – Untitled
Bombardier – Vice
Bombardier – Rise of the Machines
Bombardier – Wolves (RedHat remix)
Pressure – Bombardier
Larrge – Doppler (Bombardier remix)
Bombardier – The Space Where She Was
Bombardier – In Ecstasy
Bombardier – Insomina
Bombardier – Skinwalker
5th of July – Lorelei
Bombardier – Pavement


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