Si Begg’s ‘Controlled Explosion Part 1’

So after stumbling into the office and beginning my daily ingest of many caffeine powered liquids I spot this EP, upped by the man himself Si Begg. Coincidentally I’ll be seeing him perform tonight at London’s Ricochet Records night alongside Shinra. It’s free entry and highly recommended (more details).

Si Begg needs no introduction, so he’s not getting one. He’s upped and self released them for free via his Soundcloud account (he’s also reupped a few tracks he gave away last Christmas which are worth checking out). Entitled Controlled Explosion Part 1, I’m going to step out on a limb here and assume there will be at least a part 2 on the horizon sometime in the future?

What’s been unleashed are 5 high quality Begg sound flexes; 4 of the 5 available as WAV with the fifth as AIFF. Thank you Mr Begg, just in time for Christmas too.

Sweat on Walls and Beyond the 12 Tones are the most dancefloor of the quintet. But the other 3 are rewarding listens too. Si had this to say about track Jetlag and Tinnitus the Intro to an LP That Never Was:

Well I never did finish the album. Mainly because I was too busy earning trying to earn crust and there wasn’t much crust to be earned doing an LP. But fear not, with this intro as track one you could compile your own LP using 10 or so tracks from the Jetlag and Tinnitus series. Splendid!

Don’t sleep on this.

Si Begg – Controlled Explosion Part 1

Si Begg – Jetlag and Tinnitus the Intro to an LP That Never Was
Si Begg – Sweat On Walls
Si Begg – Beyond The 12 Tones
Si Begg – North Norfolk Wire Taps 99
Si Begg – Beyond The 12 Tones (Breakless)


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