Drone Power Play 2017-01-22

A fortnightly hour airing on futuremusic FM, from 3pm on Sunday afternoons.
Downbeat, ambient, soundscapes and illbient vibes.


Trømmel – Transicin [NXT Recordings]
D’Marc Cantu – Serpents Cloven Hoof [New York Haunted]
Imaginary Forces – A Meaningless Gesture [Sleep Codes]
Billie Mandoki – I May Be At Fault [CVMR]
Alphaxone – Signals [Kalpamantra]
Rain & Kelan – Excursions [dub]
Edouard Trolliet – Cassandra – 05 Act 2 – Scene 2 [From A Tree]
Kerridge – Paint It Black Reprise [Blueprint]
X-103 – Interlude A [Tresor]
Stave – Tower9 (COIN remix) [FSS]
T_st & Dronelock – Razmig [Sphere Gear]
Paraphonic – Kamchatka (Ocralab remix) [Loud and Clear Netlabel]
Bandshell – Perc [Liberation Technologies]
M.E.S.H. – Imperial Sewers [PAN]
HTMLoser – ? [Zimmer Records]
Plastier – Lucubra [Kvitnu]
Vortex Rikers – Darkness Touches Back [Pale Noir]
Yourhighness – Resurrection [Emergence Records]
Retsof – Decon [Input Output Systems]
WIFE – Circles [Left Blank]


Darkfloor Sound. A Label