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Darkfloor 68 – thatboytim – US hardcore, noise and psychedelic rock

For our 68th In Session mix we present a “Dirty Dirge” selection from Belfast’s thatboytim (Takeover Recordings). From electro to fuzzy rock Tim Smyth is a talented musician, infusing a raw looseness to his beats, in part formed from his love of psychedelic rock, US hardcore and noise rock. It’s in that spirit he recorded this mix for us.

Alongside the 100 minute recording, thatboytim writes on his choices below.

Darkfloor Sound · Darkfloor 68 – thatboytim – US hardcore, noise and psychedelic rock

Destruction Unit – World On Drugs [Sacred Bones Records]
Repulse – Jesus Sweat [Beat Crazy Records]
Rainbow Grave – Brainsick [God Unknown Records]
Silver Fish – Weird Shit [Willja Records]
Silver Fish – Don’t Fuck [Willja Records]
Jesus Lizard – Dancing Naked Ladies [Touch and Go]
Killdozer – New Pants And Shirt [Touch and Go]
Big Black – Dead Billy [Touch and Go]
Sweet Tooth – Soul Shark [Earache]
Rainbow Grave – Suicide Pyramid [God Unknown Records]
Mudhoney – You’re Gone [Sub Pop]
Mugstar – Born To Go [Trensmat]
Casual Nun – Keizoku Wa Chikara Nari [Hominid Sounds]
Prong – The Coliseum [Spigot]
Neurosis – Saturday Night Holocaust [Alternative Tentacles]
Arsenal – When Heads Collide [Touch and Go]

thatboytim expands on his selections for the mix with a brief track by track.

Destruction UnitWorld On Drugs.
Arizonan? Is that a thing? They’re from Arizona. When I read of this supposed psychedelic hardcore I wanted some. This is like Hawkwind meets Rudimentary Peni or summat. In my top two for listening to for take off when flying. Once got the take off/build timed almost perfect. It’s those little moments…

RepulseJesus Sweat.
My neighbour in the Northern Ireland vilage I grew up in had this band. I ended up playing bass in the last incarnation of them. But, this was the classic line up of 1993. Recorded 92 I’m sure. One of the most amazing things to my 18 year old head was listening to John Peel with my mates and this coming on. Those drum machines crickets at the start, going “I know this! I know this! What is it?”

Rainbow GraveBrainsick.
Featuring Napalm Death founder Nick Bullen and John Pickering of UK D-beat legends Doom. Sludge-y, transgressive therapeutic riff mantras.

Silver FishWeird Shit / Don’t Fuck.
Brilliant. Seen them around three times in Belfast around 92. I’m even more of a fan now I think. Elements of Birthday Party. In the US they were on the great Tough and Go Records, a label heavily featured in the rest of this mix. And they recorded their debut album with Steve Albini.

Jesus LizardDancing Naked Ladies.
See “unique vocal talent” David Yow of the band in the Netflix comedy thriller film I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore. Great oddball shit!

KilldozerNew Pants And Shirt.
This was far too weird for me when I got it on a Sounds magazine free 7″ back in the late 80s. Realised it was perfect for this mix.

Big BlackDead Billy.
From the live album of their last ever gig in London. The band Steve Albini was initially known for. They made drum machines in Rock as cool as they had been to that point.

Sweet ToothSoul Shark.
Justin Broadrick / JK Flesh around 1990/91. This is Justin with other ex-members of Head of David, and future members of Terminal Cheesecake and God, I think. From their one and only six track mini LP Soft White Underbelly. Big, noisy, vibe-y groove. Some epic stuff on this track.

Rainbow GraveSuicide Pyramid.
Bang. So Good. I’ve played a lot of righteous low-air ride cymbal to this when I’ve seen them.

MudhoneyYou’re Gone.
One of the first bands I was getting into that weren’t overly Metal or Hardcore. It gets nicely wigged out. Still, seemed to be one to include in this.

MugstarBorn To Go.
From the great 7″ series on Ireland’s Trensmat label. A great version of a Hawkwind belter.

Casual NunKeizoku Wa Chikara Nari.
London based. Makes me think of Dead Kennedys meet Butthole Surfers. This is a real trip. Unapologetically epic and brutalistic.

ProngThe Coliseum.
The first band I ever saw live, supporting Faith No More. I think their toms permanently damaged by ears. This is a quite a weird, dirge-y one, with a vibe that stuff with me, from their debut full length Force Fed.

NeurosisSaturday Night Holocaust.
This cover of the Dead Kennedys didn’t totally sink in at the time. I had a grudge against cover. They take this down about 1/4 in speed it feels. Perfect choice by them for the Alternative Tentacles’ Virus 100 compilation of some amazing and varied covers of Dead Kennedys.

ArsenalWhen Heads Collide.
Arsenal’s Malachi Ritscher (Mark David Ritscher; January 13, 1954 – November 3, 2006) was a musician, recording engineer, human rights activist, and anti-war protester. He gained fame through his self-immolation, an act of protest against the 2003 invasion of Iraq.


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