Sputnik’s mix The Colours Of Your Dreams

Came across this techno mix earlier today from Sputnik, a Leeds based DJ. As he himself puts it:

Latest mix of mine using only recently acquired music.  All vinyl, one take as usual. Hope you enjoy.

He kicks off with The Black Dog, travelling through work amongst others by Marcel Dettman, Reeko, Radial, Ancient Methods, Model 500, Bas Mooy and o/v/r.


The Black Dog – Sex [DS93]
Nick Dunton – Oikumene (65000 Leagues mix) [Surface]
Psycatron – Celestial Symphony (Supernova remix) [Tronic]
Samuli Kemppi – Quantum Mechanics [Mote-Evolver]
Commix – Satellite Type 2 (Marcel Dettmann remix 2) [Metalheadz]
O/V/R – Post-Traumatic Son [Blueprint]
Voidloss – Moment Of Total Emptiness [Dynamic Reflection]
Go Hiyama – Residual Set (Radial remix) [Audio Assault]
Reeko – Mechanical Physics [Planet Rhythm]
Ancient Methods – Fifth Method Side A [Ancient Methods]
Unknown Artist – Alarms [P Series]
Virgil Enzinger – Shadow Of The Mind (Bas Mooy remix) [Gynoid Audio]
Systemic – Neurogenetic (Ø (Phase) remix) [Duality]
Floorplan – Living It Up [M-Plant]
Model 500 – Huesca [R&S Records]
Grovskopa – Atopic (Skallander remix) [Sect]


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