Gavin Miller - This Is It Forever
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Darkfloor 31 – Gavin Miller – This Is It Forever

Gavin Miller is one half of post techno / electronica duo Ghosting Season and worriedaboutsatan w/ Thomas Ragsdale. He’s responsible for the record label This It Forever for which he has recorded a showcase mix.

His special mix takes in work from Dalot, Lucy Claire, Umber, Jermainesoul as remixed by Message To Bears as well as tracks from Ghosting Season and his own solo work. It might be short but it is wonderfully formed.

Ghosting Season – Washed Ashore
Dalot – Lumen
Lucy Claire – Rituals In Dust
Ghosting Season – Shell Shocked 2
Umber – Far End Of The Graveyard
Gavin Miller – Instruktion I
Gavin Miller – Fotograf (part 1)
Gavin Miller – Manuskript One
Jermainesoul – Time Waits (Message To Bears remix)


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