Grovskopa’s 30drop mix ‘Recovery’

The Swedish techno producer Grovskopa lays down this electronica mix for the 30drop folk and their inaugural podcast series. Quite different to what he’s known for in the techno scene, but don’t let that put you off.

Grovskopa, real name: Mika Hallbäck knows good music when he hears it. And besides, you should know by now that we at Darkfloor are only interested in great sound.

It’s the songs I listened to most during my 3 months in hospital

Grovskopa – 30drop Podcast # 1 – Recovery
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Digitonal – Cantus V [Just Music]  cat: TAO035
Ceephax Acid Crew – Denizlispor [Planet Mu] cat: ZIQ255
Caribou – Kaili [City Slang] cat: SLANG9550055
Baths – Hall [Anticon] cat: ABR0105
Pantha Du Prince – Im Bann [Rough Trade] cat: RTRADLP544
Matthew Herbert – Milan [Accidental] cat: AC40CD
Four Tet – Circling [Domino] cat: WIGLP254DNO229
The Maccabees – Bag Of Bones (Surgeon remix) [Polydor] cat: 2732738
Aleksi Perälä – Birthday [Rephlex] cat: CAT213A
Scuba – So You Think You’re Special [Hotflush] cat: TRI001
Bjôrn Svin – Nnor [Rump] ref: RUMPCD012


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