Rafal Fürst – Huta / Audioexit

Netlabel Audioexit are fast becoming a stable part of my setlists and this, their 43rd release and first from new signing Rafal Fürst gives me more ammunition for my shows.

Based out of Silesia in Poland and recently releasing on Furanum Records, Rafal Fürst is by all accounts a new kid on the block. That block being one constructed of dark European techno. His production focus is on the darker, offbeat styles of techno that we here at darkfloor relish. Audioexit releases have become instant download material. Their past few releases have been very strong and quite the effective dark dancefloor techno, one of the very founding principles of Darkfloor electronica. Huta and the four tracks it comprises will be a welcome listen to many of you readers.

He began his musical career as a DJ in 2009. From the production side, Rafal’s main focus lies in minimalistic and offbeat structures, coupled with dark rhythmic textures and deep spacious backgrounds. His first release appears on Furanum Records ‘Fu006’ as a remix of D.Müller’s ‘Powerplant’. This actual release title ‘Huta’ (which means Ironworks in English) perfectly describes his sound and this EP as well.

Rafal Fürst – Huta

Rafal Fürst – Bankowa
Rafal Fürst – Dzierzynskiego
Rafal Fürst – Katowice
Rafal Fürst – A.M.S.


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