A netaudio DVNT guest mix for Resonance FM

I was asked a few months back to provide a mix for the great Resonance FM show, Marvin Suicide. The show has been running for 181 episodes (and counting) and features only netaudio music. That is music that is freely and legally available from the internet.

So I put together a half hour kinda mix/compilation entitled Nil Difficile Volenti (Nothing (is) impossible to the one who wants it) for the show which was aired on Resonance FM (104.4 FM in London) on January 27th at 13:30GMT.

DVNT – Nil Difficile Volenti
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00:00 Hermelin – AVV Revisited [12rec.net]
06:04 Rolancho – Andrea’s Song [modismo]
12:26 RL/VL – Some People Just Go Downhill [Acroplane]
15:32 The Early Exploits of Tras Taylor – Safety is Overrated [Weirdcore]
20:46 Ceptual – Scenic Therapy [Miasmah]
22:13 Bad Comfort – Skizze Nacht (050525) [phonocake]
23:41 Boris Divider – Genoma [plataforma]


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