Hoth System – Blizzard Force EP / Audioexit

His production work has been cropping up in my setlists for a few years, producing for-the-floor straight down hard edge solid techno. He is Tony McMurray, a Belfast based producer better known in the circles of the underground electronica scene as Hoth System.

Many of you will have had a proper introduction when he was recently showcased on our own humble radio show Mantis.

Besides a recent 12″ for Spanish imprint Benzel Label and this 4 track EP for the Darkfloor favourite, netlabel Audioexit not much of his work is available (he does share some of his work for free).

It is a shame in some respects as his techno has balls and presence. I suppose if you’re looking for yet another Berlin clone Berghain style track you probably won’t find much in his Blizzard Force EP nor his production history. If on the other hand you’re after something with more bite, a touch of the retro warehouse and focused, nailed down locked in techno then you, my friend, are in luck. Grim Acceptance and Alien are our personal picks.

Hoth System brings 90’s mainstream and 00’s underground mixed together in a modern way. All the tracks carry a retro mood, a bit surreal, organic, wrapped in modern, 21st century costume, made with maximum effort. We are not disappointed with UK techno. We like it and support it in the future as well. Hoth System is Tony McMurray from Belfast, N. Ireland. He started listening to techno in the mid 90’s and was first inspired by the likes of Dave Clarke, Jeff Mills, Joey Beltram, Thomas Krome and Surgeon. This is his first release.

Hoth System – Blizzard Force EP

Hoth System – Grim Acceptance
Hoth System – Alien
Hoth System – Melting Point
Hoth System – Potential Difference


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