Download Alessio Ballerini’s ‘Blanc’ on Zymogen

Zymogen come up trumps with this, their 26th release. Their last release was back in May (although it did take me until September to grab it) and together with their back catalogue, Zymogen is a label that holds a special place in my ever expanding collection.

The depth of artistry displayed within the released material continues to delight me. And Alessio Ballerini’s Blanc EP is no different. An essential and instant download from a label that nestles between between ambient drone and sound design, yet comes off as a relaxed and rewarding listen, no mean feat. Also of note is the artwork and videos by Alessio, a man of many talents and one I hope to hear more from soon.

Alessio Ballerini – Blanc

Alessio Ballerini – The Small Sea and The Great Ocean
Alessio Ballerini – Noir
Alessio Ballerini – Blanc
Alessio Ballerini – Lociverba3
Alessio Ballerini – Everything Else

“Blanc” is a concept album that does not represent opposing views, but dissimilar ones. Downloadable from Zymogen the release is also accompanied by 2 videos and 15 drawings. The two videos were created via animation of the drawings. They describe two possible perspectives that do not bode well for the future of our planet. Between 2000 and 2008, the ice sheet of Greenland lost 1.5 trillion tons of ice, causing a yearly average rise of 0.46 mm in the ocean levels. Science Magazine states that the ocean’s current growth rate is 0.75 mm per year. The complete dissolution of the ice sheet will result in a rise of 7 metres in the ocean levels. Despite the varying perspectives regarding this issue, there is a common thread of hope among global citizens, without which such loss would be inconceivable.

“Blanc & Noir” is also an installation that shows the process of the work’s formation, as well as that of the drawings and the videos derived from it. The installation is designed to be expanded beyond the context of the gallery and the limitations imposed by it. Rather, it is hoped that the work will come to life in the homes and dwellings of those who take the drawings. Furthermore, the installation is a site-specific work that changes significance in situ, since the drawings constitute the work yet remain unfinished. The exhibition space is filled by a screen where the two videos are played in loop. The drawings, which each visitor can take, are placed below it. The work, as it is presented in the installation format has been selected by the Quattrocentometriquadri gallery, and is among the six finalists for the Metrocubo contest. The exhibition has been presented on Sunday 21st November 2010 at 11 am at the gallery in Via Magenta 15, Ancona, Italy.


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