Posthuman back catalog – free / pay-what-you-want

It is the season for gifts after all. For a limited time, until January 1st 2012 Posthuman‘s back catalogue is available to download for free or as pay-what-you-want from the duo’s Bandcamp profile page.

Josh from Posthuman:

This includes:
The remastered versions of our first two albums: Uncertainty of the Monkey and Lagrange Point
The unreleased Sector EP from 2000 (this was a demo, so please be forgiving when listening!)
Distant Personal (released under the name On/Off) from 2002
The recent Datalinks collection.
The ‘Blue’ version of our debut release – the first time this has been made available in high quality download.

There’s a few missing bits & pieces – suck as tracks from compilations, and the split EPs on Skam and Smallfish, but this is still probably the most complete collection of our output as Posthuman since 2000.

There is also a very small number of original physical copies (vinyls and CDs) still available for some of the releases.

Josh goes on to tease us with what 2012 will deliver from the Posthuman camp:

We have several new releases and remixes planned already for 2012 (most of it on vinyl): some electronica, and plenty of acid & techno, and we’re going to get back out on the road and start gigging more regularly.

So, for now – merry xmas & a happy new year!

It’s the perfect chance to fill in some of the blanks of their discography in my record collection. The pair have also selected some of their favourite productions which serve as a great introduction to the group and their sound.

Some of our favourites at Darkfloor include:


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