Weldroid & Illl – Wrath Of Gods on Soun Records

Soun Records is a Slovakian netlabel run by Illl (Ürögi Jani).

“Our aim is to spread our sounds to the people willing to discover new dimensions in music.”

They try to show something new, something different.
Qualitative without style limits for open-minded people.

Soun’s ninth release is Wrath of the Gods, a six track EP from label owner Illl and Weldroid. It’s a really good release containing deep and dark melodic tracks.

First track Magic Carpet is the perfect hybrid – it starts slowly and gingerly. In the middle of the track something happens – cool guitar samples and awesome glitch sounds make that part much more powerful. Ill’s remix of Tamper Evident is a slow, dark melodic IDM piece with noises from robotic future.

I think the mind-blowing Crystallized Core is going to be the most popular of tracks from this EP.

Weldroid’s Bastille: a vision of nightlife in the future, simulated freedom and artificial pleasures. On János Vitéz Illl uses samples of the Hungarian poem and musical, taking them into a new glitch environment. It’s a modern classic.

Biomechanoimia is the perfect closer. Full of those dark, distorted sounds. But there’s some hope for a better future hidden in those melodies.

In my opinion this is the kind of music you need to set your mind on – listening to it with your full attention. Believe me, it’s worth it.

Available as a name your price download.


Weldroid – Magic Carpet
Illl and Weldroid – Tamper Evident (Illl remix)
Weldroid and Illl – Crystallized Core
Weldroid – Bastille
Illl – János Vitéz
Weldroid and Illl – Biomechanoimia


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