Thatswecalltechno#2 – DJ L’Embrouille

This mix was recorded at the Melenick Extension party on February 4th and is the second in the series: Thatswecalltechno. You can grab the first mix from Doryk here.

Oozing with solid techno featuring tracks from Inigo Kennedy, The Bee, Max Duley, Zzzzra, Cyp, and Christian Mohr. Now DJ L’Embrouille is a DJ whose preference is on mixing and programming netaudio released sounds, and looking at the artists and tracks I’m pretty damn sure that is this is a 100% pure netaudio selection.

Thatswecalltechno podcast was founded to present quality underground techno music mixed by djs, who have a faith to this kind of electronic music.

Thatswecalltechno#2 – Dj L’Embrouille
Juan Farcik Iirritante (Drugstore remix)
Blurix – Bit-Forcer
Revenge Mc94 Distances7ca
Wetrix – Skero
Max Duley – Storyteller – 04
Sr-Click – Loop7
Kenni Sosa – sway
Sr-Click – Loop3
Blurix – 3 Years Back Vocal Mix
Unorace – Beta Cycle 1
Max Duley – Lapsed
The Bee – Vulkan (BL Busted into Shape Rework)
Cyp – Style
Christian Mohr – Gyros Komplett
Aku-Acid Skies
Andreas Florin – JHW
Max Duley – In Search Of The Light
Unorace – Engine
Inigo Kennedy – Albedo
Unorace – Closed Mind
Inigo Kennedy – Triangle
Tec Overflow – What Can She Do
Unorace – Never Again
Marc Orion – Mode 5
Steve Pain – Eisentanz
Max Duley – White Lies
Unorace – Punish
Unorace – Latent
La Montana – Popocatepetel
Unorace – Acid Rain
Tom SPL – Scorpion Walking (Wildcrush’s running remix)
Aeod – Dungeon Kombat
AekiNord – Midmission
Jemset – Vibrations and System
Numbtone – Cirrus
Abluffers – Ammunition
Eggbox – Aliiel With The Cow
Zzzzra – Ennui Profond
Dub Of Trumpets (Jocksten remix)


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