Herzog – Waking Up Is Hard To Do EP

Since first hearing Herzog’s work years ago on the German netlabel 12rec together with his releases on Welsh ambient label Serein I’ve been quite taken with the deep, wonderfully lush soundscapes that Herzog’s Bill Bawden composes. There’s exists a beautiful melancholy throughout his work of which this collection is just as guilty.

If you’ve been listening to our Mantis Radio shows from early on you’ll have heard the work of the south London producer cropping up as well as on our not-regular-at-all-despite-our-original-intention downbeat ambient mix series; Downbeaten Exploratory Interests (currently sitting at just 3 volumes).

Those that have heard his work before, like me, will continue to come back to it, again and again. It really is sound that can sort out and help mediate the mind.

Waking Up is Hard to do is Herzog’s latest work, self-released through Bandcamp on October 7th. Whilst the download is free, a 3″ CDr is also available.

a 4 track ep with the first three tracks written and inspired by nightmares, however the final track is a more positive experience and about waking up in familiar surroundings after such a hard night.

Herzog – Waking Up Is Hard To Do

Herzog – She Was in the Lake
Herzog – New Weapons
Herzog – Help Us Help Ghosts
Herzog – Waking Up is Hard to do

All tracks by Bill Bawden
Mastered by Wil Bolton
Photography by Jonathan Lees


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