Lolo aka Acidus – Hidden Source

Ah, another EP from Audioexit has been let loose. To those of you unfamiliar; Audioexit are a Polish based techno netlabel and have quite a few gems in their back catalogue, particularly to darkfloor electronica fans such as your good self. This is their freshest effort, and the 42nd for the label. Four tracks from Lolo aka Acidus together making the component parts for his Hidden Source EP. At the time of writing I know pretty much squat about Lolo aka Acidus, save for the singular fact that he from Madrid. Information is sparse on his Soundcloud profile and together with my 5 minutes of Googling that’s all I got.

The music is the main concern here so it’s not like either of us will loose any sleep knowing so little of the details of the producer, in fact in many respects the absence of information means you naturally focus on the sound.

Go Pijama, the opening track is rich with punching bass and industrial sounding machinations. Spiritual Torment has a more broken fractured beat building into the track, frantic hats supplement the dank warehouse vibe that I’m getting off it. It feels like a thundering subbass will erupt at any moment, but it’s just teasing you. Sater continues the broken tech vibes resulting in an effort that beat wise sounds akin to the Dutch techno producers, like Radial, and being quite the Radial fan you can safely assume I’m liking this. There is just the right amount of filtered white noise floating around the edges here. Finally we reach the 4th of the 4 with Toferina, beat programming she’s more straight four to the floor than her predecessor, until mind you, the initial drop where things take it up a notch returning to Dutch techno territory.

This EP really comes into play with those final 2 tracks. Very nice work from Lolo aka Acidus on those, yes indeed.

Lolo aka Acidus – Hidden Source

Lolo aka Acidus – Go Pijama
Lolo aka Acidus – Spiritual Torment
Lolo aka Acidus – Stater
Lolo aka Acidus – Toferina


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