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Alexandre Lehmann makes some rather wonderful dub techno as Zzzzra and this EP, his début release for the Turkish netaudio label Sublime Porte, continues in that fashion with the lush and deep textures heard on his other releases such as those on Biomechanics (where I first heard him) to Echospace or his own imprint Perso Records.

The guys behind Sublime Porte have a pretty decent write up of the 4 tracks Alexandre has presented on this, his Lassitudes EP.

“Improvisation en Sieste Mineure” starts off with subtle washes of dub chords, a deeply original rhythm gently sweeping in, adding layers upon layers of atmosphere, with complex harmonies slowly evolving and keeping a coherent overall mood all the way.

“Ennui Profond” is clearly more driving, with a deftly precision for carefully crafted percussion sounds and a much more defined emphasis on groove, and while the atmosphere is still present it is very cleverly constricted in a clearer structure.

“Fatigue par Induction” keeps that distinctly steady pace but transfers it in a disorienting poly-rhythmic context, where chords keep evolving in a consistently shifting landscape of shuffling textures, feedbacks and occasional breaks that end up portraying a very abstract but utterly satisfying piece.

“Petite Lassitude N°3” is maybe the most classic cut here, but is done so well you simply have no choice but to enjoy it… The panning of the white noise-based percussions and the oddly detuned pad held together by a stark kick/bassline combo are thoroughly compelling, and the tension slowly reaches heights as the different elements roll in.

And to wrap up the ep, Optic_ offers a groovy and quite house-oriented reconstruction of “Ennui Profond”, staying true to the originals deeply rhythm-centred nature, yet with a style much of its own, and prominently featuring the Danish producer’s skilful manner of chord-shaping.

Zzzzra – Lassitudes

Zzzzra – Improvisation En Sieste Mineure
Zzzzra – Ennui Profond
Zzzzra – Fatigue Par Induction
Zzzzra – Petite Lassitude N°3
Zzzzra – Ennui Profond (Optic_ remix)


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