DOWNLOAD / The Bee – Beelogic

I quite enjoy The Bee’s take on techno. His tracks on netlabels Zimmer Records and Audioexit have been finding their way into my sets for well over a year now.

This is Beelogic, his first release for netlabel Wavelike. Up for grabs are four original tracks from the Hungarian techno producer together with 3 remixes. Stand out tracks for me are the broken techno BL Busted into Shape rework of Vulkan together with the dark menacing vibes of Playonormphon and the solid stomp of Quaralbee.

“The warrior of light is now waking from his dream. He thinks: ‘I do not know how to deal with this light that is making me grow.’ The light, however, does not disappear. The warrior thinks: ‘Changes must be made that I do not feel like making.’ The light remains, because ‘feel’ is a word full of traps. Then the eyes and heart of the warrior begin to grow accustomed to the light. It no longer frightens him and he finally accepts his own Legend, even if this means running risks. The warrior has been asleep for a long time. It is only natural that he should wake up very gradually.” by Paulo Coelho

The Bee – Beelogic

The Bee – Vulkan
The Bee – Vulkan (BL Busted into Shape rework)
The Bee – Vulkan (DestroyER remix)
The Bee – Playonormphon
The Bee – Playonormphon (Jimmy T Kindt remix)
The Bee – Quaralbee
The Bee – Balalajka


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