Cova – Primeira Torre EP

When you’ve been doing a radio show that entered its fifth year of broadcasting back in May together with a popular regularly updated music site you do tend to get emailed a lot of music and related garb. Some of it is relevant, some of it is clearly spam, some you wonder where they got your contact details from, and some, well some is just plain weird.

Thankfully a message was sent to us at Darkfloor HQ a few days ago with no lengthy self righteous blurb about the artist having been gifted since they were in the womb and that their music is fed into lifts and aeroplanes ’cause Kanye West says it’s the shit.

No it was short, and clinically direct. Simply it was a link to Bandcamp. And what do we find on this page, but a 2 track EP from Cova; one Diogo Tudela, a Portuguese artist that is simply fantastic. In effect it fell into those emails that are ‘relevant’.

Full of depth, drone, deftly placed fractured wood-blocked underwater bass sound and a lot more besides. I’m not sure what you’d call it actually. It’s part post-dubstep; walls of reverb, sections of straight four four mixed with broken beats, strange ethereal Eastern markets and delicate pieces of sound. Some of you might class it as witchhouse, or as part of hauntology, something I don’t really know what is and what isn’t a statement that can also be applied to the post-dubstep term. At the most basic level this is experimental focused sound in a bass electronica context. Make of that what you will, but a listen is very much in order.

Comba is the more techno of the 2 whilst As Flechas is more in the broken dubtech vibe thou both are and are not that. Cova has with these 2 tracks really make quite an impression, miss this at your peril.

Cova – Primeira Torre EP

Cova – Comba
Cova – As Flechas


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