netlabel Zimmer Records release compilation ‘one hundred’

Celebrating 100 releases over the past 8 years – netlabel Zimmer Records present the 23 track compilation one hundred.

A mixed bag of styles – from the snappy jazzy number Crizzy Jazz by Dj Wank to glistening ambient ethno-dub tracks like Pranayama from Ihy.

What could have been just a greatest hits of techno tracks from the past 99 releases is at least something different. Whilst a greatest hits style release would have worked done properly – resurrecting missed gems from the large back catalogue, Zimmer have instead, opted for sharing new work and new sounds – which is commendable. It does mean that for me the compilation feels a bit disjointed.

The comp is spilt, I sense, into 3 parts. The 1st part is the more ambient – downtempo – non-house/techno work. Which moves into house and tech’y house cuts midway – like Guilty As Charged from Slovenia’s Krzho – a sort of minimal tech house piece.

Hermético offers up Patch 3 a deep and rolling techno number that feels like a strong, club DJ tool – it is nothing you haven’t heard before though. Raver (Midrange Dub) feels just a bit empty and unfinished for my tastes. I find Foundsound by Ulf Kramer interesting as an idea, but the persistent feel of it sitting halfway in a bandpass filter doesn’t really work – I want it to do something – to get its full EQ range back. Then there’s the psy in feel Mahuna from psychosonic which is fine on its own – just I don’t feel really fits with the other tracks of the compilation.

There is plenty of gold though, don’t worry. Himloser’s Theta wonderfully stripped and dark – rather short though at just 4 minutes. Revy’s No Pressure offers an off kilter hardware in feel workout. Nothing too heavy but pretty nice all the same.

Andreas Florin’s take no prisoner approach on AX3910 injects the first bit of techno proper – taking the line of a loopy funky number – it promises to be lots of fun on ‘floor. On more of a hypnotic, Berlin with bite feel is Wrong Shoe from Plural.

Pasquale Maassen doesn’t disappoint – continuing the lively feel of Zimmer’s 99th release, his Try Two EP with Contra. It’s a straight, no messing, machine flex. And neither does Structural Form – with his fractured beat, urgent intent, track Sfitit.

As an introduction to the German netlabel this is a decent enough offering but I feel that Zimmer could have made a stronger comp. The majority of the comp, is for my taste, lacking. Some of these artists, I don’t really see why they are on here when others have been left off. Like Hecrom for example. Still as a free release you shouldn’t kick a gift horse in the mouth and as something to pick and choose tracks from you’ll fine a few you’ll like.

Zimmer Records – one hundred

100.01 – SXtheMadArtist – EmoLand
100.02 – Afion – Waternet
100.03 – Aris_h – Burning Leather
100.04 – HTMLoser – Theta
100.05 – G0dlike – The Art of Sound (SPCZ remix)
100.06 – Dj Wank – Crizzy Jazz
100.07 – Ihy – Pranayama
100.08 – Epal – Ale Ty Hey
100.09 – Finegrind & Benson – Room 402 (Bilderberg edit)
100.10 – Da_Face – The Girl from Bavaria
100.11 – Blurix – Step Dancer
100.12 – Krzho – Guilty as Charged
100.13 – Hermético – Patch 3
100.14 – rp – Raver (Midrange Dub)
100.15 – Revy – No Pressure
100.16 – Ulf Kramer – Foundsound
100.17 – Andreas Florin – AX3910
100.18 – Plural – Wrong Shoe
100.19 – Pasquale Maassen – Contra
100.20 – Structural Form – Sfitit
100.21 – psychosonic – Mahuna
100.22 – Christian Mohr – Urban Rail
100.23 – Christian E. – Error

Celebrating 8 Years of Free Music with our 100th Release.
Thanks to more than 150 Artists for contributing their wonderful Music.
Thanks to all Fans and Listeners for the huge Interest over all those years.
Thanks for more than 700.000 Downloads from all over the Globe.
Thanks to all the DJs and Supporters who dropped this shit on the Dancefloors, the Radio and even on TV.
Thanks to Everyone who likes, links, helps and recommends us. Much more to come in the next 8 years …


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