Kalte – Fissures / Petcord

Released a few weeks back in March through netlabel Petcord, this is the most recent work of Kalte.

Both Petcord and Kalte are new to me yet the sounds present on this EP, Fissures is familiar and to me at any rate, heavily relaxing. Being that I am quite the fan of electroacoustic drone it’s hardly surprising. Kalte is an abstract/ambient duo consisting of Deane Hughes of Akumu and Rik MacLean of mara’s torment.

Working in electronic sub-genres such as zero-bpm, music concréte and deep ambient, the duo produces eerie and expansive soundscapes — created almost entirely from natural sources that have been digitally altered and re-assembled. The result is a dark and atmospheric combination of organic and electronic elements.

The above quoted snippet from their biography sums up perfectly what they’ve unleashed on Fissures. Principally a subterranean journey of sublime deep drone. Drawing their inspiration from the Hadopelagic Zone; the deepest known layer of the oceans at over 6000 metres below sea level, where the pressure is such that it is over 100 stronger than that of the surface and where even light cannot reach. Fissures explores that unknown darkness, the massive pressure and the severe depth. What results is a feeling of isolation, immense space and fuzzy blurred vision. A release to lose yourself in the depths of I’ll wager, definitely one for the late night headphone crew this. Kalte’s previous 2 releases are both available for download from their discography page.

Kalte – Fissures

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