Acre Recordings freely share retrospective compilation.

Scottish label Acre Recordings have released a summer compilation bringing together some choice cuts from their very respectable and rich in sound palette label thus far.

Iugeri Sonus is an 8 track, free comp taking in a track from each of their releases to date. They’ve, like us at Darkfloor, a broad range of sounds they operate in and there are few better ways to get into the nuts and bolts of a label than a decent label comp. And that’s just what they’ve presented here.

They’ve even thrown an added extra of an unreleased piece of twisted electronics techno from joint Acre owner, the deranged producer and hard to classify C Mantle. He joins the likes of Wirewound (alias of Romania’s Datacrashrobot / Randomform), Serbian heavyweight Molez, fellow Scot the wee djs, the unknown and anonymous Opine Kosinsky (a guest writer here at Darkfloor), Manchester’s Burnibus, the live techno PA thump of Berlin’s Monolog with the Irish Ed Devane’s Withering Zithering project.


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