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Mantis Radio 30 – Enough Records

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Portugal’s Enough Records (@enoughrec) provide w/ a label showcase mix. Before that, music from Jamie Lidell, Gunjack, Josh Wink, Larry Heard as Gherkin Jerks, DraCo, Smashback, and Essex hardcore don – Hellfish.

Jamie Lidell – Little Bit Of Feel Good (Mochipet remix) [xlr8r]
Ckz – Mellow Scabies [Enoughrecords]
Egon Fisk – Electronic Im Blut [Acroplane]
Analog Penetration – Asmo! [Deepx Recordings]
DraCo – Superautodrome [Diggarama]
Gherkin Jerks – Dynsync (Speedy J edit) [unreleased]
System2 – Samardhi (Steve Maccabe remix) [r3tox]
Wink – Are You There… [Ovum]
Blotnik Brothers – Tin Can [Mizuage]
Smashback – Ladder [Bassgun]
Sonar Base – The Deadly Storms of Uranus [NoiZe Electro Hub]
Gunjack – Down the Ox [Consume]
Shitmat – Shut Up (Hellfish remix) [Planet Mu]
English Bore – Broken Heart Beats [Myuzyk]

Pex vs Dream Metaphor feat. Dalila – Neural Interface [enrcmp05]
Ikimashoo Aoi – We Love You a Thousand [enrmp186]
He-Lux – Polarity [enrmp178]
Gilo – Lei 4 [enrmp055]
I vs Nature – Rollin [enrmp192]
Rob Rob Rob – Oldtown Break [enrmp088]
Andfullstop – Rainbows Are Gay [enrmp158]
Multifaros – Number 3 [enrmp179]
Violet and the Mutants – Hard Lullaby [enrmp131]
Pang – Butterfly Bondage [enrmp077]
Vysehrad – Ayat [enrmp177]
Control Alt Deus – Not My Saviour [enrmp191]
Psychotektrauma – Lash Out [enrmp114]
Waste Disposal Machine – All The Good Ones Die [enrcmp12]
Daenjellson – Undone [enrmp157]
Sinespreee – Groove2-04mix [enrcmp02]

Featured Guest

Enough Records is a genre-less netlabel from Portugal, funded in 2001 out of a pirate netradio experiment. Enoughradio died out but the netlabel carried on releasing material ranging from the laidback postrock indie pop electronica idm to the harsh electro rock industrial noise with plenty of ambient in between.

The label is curated by the hands of Filipe ‘ps’ Cruz, equally responsible for this showcase of what can be heard within Enough Records.

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