Brendon Moeller – Extra Works

A follow on from last May’s Works album (a collaboration with between Brendon Moeller and Jochem Paap’s Speedy J), Extra Works contains two remixes, plus Moeller’s “fix” of newcomers Philogresz together with a new, original track.

Mike Parker’s remix of Far Out is gloriously minimal – one kick, one filtered, echoed sound and some faint background noises is all you hear for six minutes, but it creates a wondrous headspace to lose yourself in.

While Speedy J’s mix of the same track goes in a totally different direction; with a minor key arp riff, clunks, clacks, filtered sweeps, pulsating low end, and grainy echoes everywhere.

The new track Just Another Way To Fly, admittedly, doesn’t do much. In comparison it feels rather fluffy and… well… nice.

However, the final track; Moeller’s fix of Some Heavy Shit is just that. Punchy, bassy kicks. Panned hi-hats. Pitched, phasing snare rolls. Filling the space between dubby and punishing. Both and yet neither at the same time. Well worth checking out.

Brendon Moeller – Extra Works

Brendon Moeller – Far Out (Mike Parker remix)
Brendon Moeller – Just Another Way To Fly (Orginal)
Brendon Moeller – Far Out (Speedy J Edit)
Philogresz – Some Heavy Shit (Fixed By Brendon Moeller)


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