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Peace and most of all, bass. Welcome to the City of Bass column here at Darkfloor, where I round up a top ten list of the most up-front ‘100% pure’ dope cuts that are rattlin’ electro bass bins worldwide. With that, crank up the amp on your subs and let’s go…

Darkmode – Android EP [Elektroda Ziq]

Blurring the lines between techno and electro, Darkmode keeps it moving and while doing so, helps to evolve the sound of electro. This joint will appeal equally to the Garnier’s and Clarke’s of the world. Wicked.

Microthol – Supergravity [Trust Records]

Deep electro goodness courtesy of Microthol and Trust Records.

Scape One – Tone Cluster: The 2nd Diversion [Re-Issue]

Another re-issue as UK electro producer Scape One continues to re-master and re-release his extensive back catalogue. There’s a bunch of interesting cuts on this LP, but the one that pops is ‘Kaleidoscope’ – Berlin meets Orbit Room mixed with just the right dash of electro juice.

Meka Alek Stark and Replicante Norman – If Electro EP [Ban Kai]

Ben Kai decided to not eff around and dropped a 5 tracker from some electro producers who are doing big things.. there’s a core element of what makes electro… electro, but what I love is the diversity from the main building blocks that is so inherent in the scene. This EP serves as a fantastic showcase of this. Bangin’

DeFekt – Modular System [Takeover]

The purchase link is slightly misleading, as this EP isn’t officially released yet – it’s my understanding a vinyl drop and a digital release will come shortly, but I’m putting this on the list of recommended dope because it’s electro, done right by Ireland’s DeFekt. Electro flounders if it get’s too robotic, you have to set things off a bit with warmth.. this could be vocals, synth tones, old school analog production techniques. Not sure how DeFekt is doing it, but he’s doing it and this EP is smashing.

Bruno Binary – Intoxicate [Robot Machine Records]

Bridging the sounds of Miami Bass and futuristic funk, the alter-ego of 1/2 of Dynamik Bass System deliver’s the goods for your sub-woofers. You do have sub-woofers, right? Work ’em.

Mike Ash – Universe of Bass EP [Binalog]

Let’s go for round 2 with sub-woofers – knocking EP from Mike Ash, with the highlight cut being ‘Feel The Bass’. This one’s for people who don’t eff around with their beats, and is straight kopfnicken.

Robodrum – It Came From Outer Space [Sneak Preview]

Sub-woofers round 3 – no idea if or when this will be released, but Poland’s Robodrum gets aggro with it on this killer cut. My bet is on Elektropunkz as a release, but who knows. Keep your eyes out for it.

Aux 88 – Mad Scientist Remixes Vol 2 [Puzzlebox]

Wrapping up this edition of City of Bass Crates, a remix EP from legends who are still busy evolving the sound of electro in 2011 after 2 decades in the game. Sometimes you see a tracklisting and you don’t even really need to listen to it to know it’s got the funk factor: remixes by Gosub, Velcro Fasterner, Dynamik Bass System and eastern europe’s N-Ter. Go get you some.

DJ Mad Wax writes about the electro scene daily at City of Bass. Follow him via Twitter.


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