bangwagon 16 / DVNT

If anything posting the archives for bangwagon late is at least consistent.

Thankfully the shows are concerned with good music not just the most upfront bits so we are allowed to be a little bit slack with the archiving. With that very much in mind and being back at the helm for the 16th show I opened with Ganja Kru‘s remix of Toxygene by The Orb, released back in 1998.

From there I ventured into the beautiful track Sun by 154 on Delsin. Some chillwave from Ra Cailum; original 12″ material Leftfield into a triptych of rare Boards of Canada work.

Into Neuron Huskie by Tipper taken from his latest LP: Broken Soul Jamboree, Iration Steppas, Mount Kimbie, classic archive material from the untouchable Future Sound of London; more Tipper (again taken from the aforementioned recent LP) into Ital Tek’s remix of Starkey’s Stars on Planet Mu.

Things wind up in a bit of breakbeat mix with the obligatory Si Begg production work, this time remixed by Wascal. Oh and a cheeky 2step beast from Ghost aka El-B I’ve been meaning to drop for a while.

bangwagon 16 / DVNT

The Orb – Toxygene (Ganja Kru remix) [Island Records]
154 – Sun [Delsin]
Ulrich Schnauss + Kirsty Hawkshaw – Meteors []
Ra Cailum – Waiting []
Minamo – When Unwelt Melts [12k]
Pix – Neuroleptic [Fresh Poulp Records]
Swaying Smoke – Bliss [PublicSpacesLab]
Leftfield – Release the Pressure (Original 12″ mix) [Hard Hands]
Boards of Canada – Light, Clear, Hair [Music70]
Boards of Canada – P.C. [Music70]
Boards of Canada – Trapped [Music70]
Tipper – Neuron Huskie [Tippermusic]
Pix – Lobe Frontal [Fresh Poulp Records]
Iration Steppas – Rice and Peas [Dubhead]
Mount Kimbie – Adriatic [Hotflush Recordings]
Mount Kimbie – Ruby [Hotflush Recordings]
The Future Sound of London – Head Hunter []
Tipper – Ever Decreasing Circles [Tippermusic]
Starkey – Stars (Ital Tek remix) [Planet Mu]
Pretty Lights – Future Blind []
Twin Shadow – Castles in the Snow (Com Truise remix) []
How To Destroy Angels – Fur Lined []
D-Fried – Inner Tourist [Phonocake]
Future for the Good – Placid Set [virusb-23]
Black Uhuru – Boof’n’Baff’n’Biff (Fli Brazilla mix #2) [Quango Records]
Ghost – The Club [Tempa]
Mad Tek – The Dark Age (Mazzula remix) [Digital Distortions]
Si Begg vs The Slabovia 8-Bit Orchestra – Brain Activity (Wascal remix) [Noodles]
Smashback – Ladder (Ion Driver remix) [Digital Distortions]


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