Threnody’s guest session on The Centrifuge Radio Show

As I’ve mentioned previously on this site I’m not really into posting up mixes from other radio shows. Aside from the shows I produce and am actively involved in, the mixes I post up here are exactly that, mixes and not radio shows. There are a few exceptions.

With this recent archive, broadcast just before Christmas, I’m willing to make one of those aforementioned exceptions. Host Ursa throws down the final radio show for The Centrifuge for 2010 and as his guest he invited Darkfloor producer and Mantis Radio friend Threnody to run rampage with a serious selection of his finest wares. The rest of the show ain’t too shabby neither, but you didn’t hear me say that, wink wink.

Ursa had the following to say about his final show for 2010.

To round out the year, Sub FM’s Threnody has given us a great mix, 45 of glitched up orchestral dubstep, rave stabs and vicious amens, featuring tunes from himself, Squire of Gothos, Full Spektrum and more. In addition i’ve new music from Vertical 67, Asusu, Instra:mental, Lone, Scuba, Sumone, The Black Dog and more. In addition, i’ll be going through some of my favourite tracks of the year, including my pick for tune of the year. Any guesses? I’ll give you a clue – it’s Belgian in origin.

The Centrifuge Radio Show – Guest Mix from Threnody

Asusu – No Kya (F remix) [Project Squared]
Neuhen – Winter Holidays [Disboot]
Somatic Responses – Clone Aware [Acroplane]
Cursor Miner – Mad Cow (Intensively Farmed version) [Uncharted Audio]
instra:mental – Voyeur [Disfigured Dubz]
The Black Dog – Future Delay Thinking (Live) [Bandcamp]
Brian Eno – Dust shuffle [Warp]
Lusine – Slapback [Ghostly]
Orson Bramley – Portrats of the Invisible Man (IRC remix) [Orson]
Naibu – The Cycle Theme [Subtle Audio]
Lone – Cloud 909 [Magic Wire Recordings]
Vertical67 – Cliffwalk [Acroplane]

Threnody – The Sound is Very Soft [dub]
Full Spektrum – Unbelievable Kaos [dub]
Koncode – So Deep [dub]
Squire of Gothos – Emptying Full Clips [Rag & Bone]
Point B – Suicide Beauty Spot (Blackmass Plastics remix) [Combat Recordings]
Full Spektrum – Dub Sub [dub]
Full Spektrum – Dub Sub (Noiz remix) [dub]
Noiz – Slashback (Threnody remix) [Yellow Machines]
Threnody – Into Night [dub]
Squire of Gothos – Harder Things [Rag & Bone]
Succulent-C – A4BC [dub]
Threnody – Experience of Silence [dub]

Ikonika – Yoshimitsu [Hyperdub]
Sumone – Untitled Glitchstep [Subtle Audio]
Photek – Slowburn [dub]
Galaxian – Strap On [Transient Force]
Paul Blackford – Enhanced Transmat [Militant Science]
Macc & dgoHn – Forget Stuff [Rephlex]
Scuba – In 2 [Exit]
Distance – 1 Regret [Autonomic]
Equinox – Second Sight (Dub One remix) [Scientific Wax digital]
O for Odetta – Marathon Weeper [Caoutchou / ideation]
813 – Astral Baby [Jumble]
Baths – Aminals [Anticon]

broadcast 23rd Dec 2010


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