Ancient Methods

Ancient Methods – Seventh Summer Mixtape

Something for the weekend Sir? Well how’s about this ‘summer mixtape’ from Berlin’s Ancient Methods. If you’re expecting militant hammer thud, you’ll need to look elsewhere because these “are carefully selected records“.

Put together for Michelle White’s Mosaic Theory blog, Michael Wollenhaup AKA Trias AKA Ancient Methods has selected some richly textured noises from folk like Psychic TV, Cult of Youth, Hirsute Pursuit, Slowdive, Vincent Gallo and Menace Ruine. And if you like this there’s a strong chance you’ll like Regis’ Summer Mix Tape which he recorded last year but I only found this year.

Ancient Methods – Seventh Summer Mixtape

Lasher Keen – Rainmaker [Pesanta Urfolk]
Bain Wolfkind – Pimp Stick [Hau Ruck!]
Hirsute Pursuit – Boys Keep Swinging [Cold Spring]
Val Denham & O Paradis – She’s A Witch [Hau Ruck!]
Spell – Johnny Remember Me [Mute]
Psychic TV – Lies And Then [Sweet Nothing]
Cult Of Youth – Lace Up Your Boots [Sacred Bones]
Der Blutharsch – Untitled XI from When Did Wonderland End? [WKN]
Menace Ruine – The Upper Hand [Aurora Borealis]
Gäe Bolg And The Church Of Fand – Hymne [Dysphorie]
Kinit Her – Murex Indigo [Reue um Reue]
Slowdive – Miranda [Creation]
Vincent Gallo – Goodbye Sadness, Hello Death [Warp Records]


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